19 October, 2021


Decide to be more. Today.


Welcome to Rise@Jurolytics! I am glad you are stopping by.

This site is part of the Jurolytics blog network.

The idea behind Rise has many fathers (and mothers) so to say and I think I should pay tribute to them in future posts. Some practical philosophy should definitely not be missing. But for the time being, let us consider Rise as part of the “soul” of Jurolytics. By that I mean the kind of authorial territory where writings get a little more personal, a little more stream of consciousness-like (by the way, according to this Wikipedia article without proper citation, stream of consciousness was a prohibited literary technique in the GDR).

In essence, this blog is about what is known as self-help, self-improvement, self-development, leadership etc. as well as making an impact on others. This is in contrast to the other Jurolytics blogs that are more informative and analytic in nature. In the end, we all have a life to take care of outside of a blog and apart from a niche/intellectual interest. Ultimately, we are responsible for what we do with good old real life and how we engage with society around us. Having said so, it would be nice to have the subject of self-development come full circle and tie in with the other issues covered by Jurolytics.

Just to be clear, I am not trying to present myself as any sort of guide similar to the myriads of authors, podcasters, and youtubers who publish on the topic in many fascinating ways. I would rather act by day-to-day example in order to inspire others. Talking about bygone dictatorships, I was initially tempted to call this blog Zusammensetzungstaktik (as a quasi opposite to this) and give it the tag line “Warte nicht auf bessre Zeiten“. However, I reckon this would be a fairly unwieldy German-language title for an English-language site and be too politically charged, let alone historically inappropriate. Alas, we shall rise together instead and I will see whether it will be possible for me to be more and inspire you to be more.

Please feel free to connect via email or Twitter and let me know how you rise everyday or how you are planning to do so (soon hopefully).

Have a great day!